Workshop on Regional Risk Analysis under the Auspices of the DCAF Border Security Programme

Ohrid, Macedonia - Under the framework of the DCAF Border Security Programme, DCAF Ljubljana organised a Workshop on Regional Risk Analysis held in Ohrid, Macedonia, from 23-25 February 2015. The Workshop was organised on the basis of the initiative by the Chiefs of the WB Border Police Services, expressed during their meeting held in December 2014, in Belgrade, Serbia. During that meeting, the Chiefs recommended to use the current capacities in the area of risk analysis and plan the Common and Coordinated Operations for 2015 based on a first regional (region’s own) risk analysis.

The objective of the Workshop on Regional Risk Analysis was to conduct a first Regional Risk Analysis and produce a joint, regionally owned document to serve as a starting point for all regional operational activities under the auspices of the DCAF Border Security Programme, from common and coordinated measures through training and education to setting priorities and determining future goals. This process represented a further improvement in planning operational measures, a further transfer of European best practices and implementation of the intelligence-led policing principle in border management.

Received relevant national data and national risk analysis products were used as a basis for producing a Regional Risk Analysis and recommendations which were presented during the Meeting on Facilitation of Common and Coordinated Measures in the Western Balkan Region under the DCAF Border Security Programme, which will be held from 4-6 March 2015, in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia.