Ministers of the Western Balkans launch the IISG in the Western Balkans


Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia - On 8th September 2017 at Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia, the IISG Board, the highest-level monitoring body within the Integrative Internal Security Governance implementation process, was convened for the first time in the framework of the hosting Brdo Process, a regional ministerial-level initiative led by the Slovenian Ministry of the Interior. The ministers of the Western Balkan countries and other Brdo Process members expressed their full support and endorsed the establishment of the IISG framework together with the Terms of Reference to guide its operation and division of tasks. Mr Rajko Kozmelj, Programme Manager at DCAF Ljubljana was appointed Chair of the IISG Support Group upon the proposal of the European Commission. The IISG Support Group involving Lead Partners and other Partners in the respective IISG Pillars will be hosted by DCAF Ljubljana. The director of the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) Ambassador Thomas Gürber has expressed a full commitment to the task of hosting the IISG Support Group and gratitude for the trust vested on part of the countries and the international community. Regional, EU and international IISG Partners expressed their strong support for the IISG and DCAF as the hosting actor. The IISG Board also appointed Lead Partner functions in Pillar I (Western Balkan Counter-Terrorism Initiative), Pillar II (Western Balkan Counter-Serious Crime Initiative) and Pillar III (Western Balkan Border Security Initiative). The Lead Partners are to act as the “first among equals” and are taking over the task of continuous coordination of activities within each Pillar and the implementation of the respective multi-annual comprehensive Integrated Plans of Action (iPAs).